5NAPBACK aka Laurens Van Herck is a young, 20 year-old dj from Antwerp. What began as a hobby 2 years ago became an ambition. Because of his passion and enthusiasm he's being noticed by contests, radio and other dj's. Through the use of his very own bootlegs and mashups during his set, he distinguishes himself from the pack. 5NAPBACK is also a allround dj bringing you House, Electro, EDM, Trap, Moombahton, R&B and if you like some of the harder stuff! ;) Another one of his perks is that he dares to deviate from commercial tracks and play tracks that no one knows, but everybody likes or mixing combinations no man would ever think off! The goal of a 5NAPBACK set is that the audience goes home with a feeling of 'I want that music too!' or 'What would be the name of that track?' while not having any voice left from singing during the set! Nothing beats a blue Shazam screen rising from an audience desperately seeking for your track! No parties during the week? No problem! Listen to the 5NAPBACKED Podcast available on iTunes and Mixcloud for the best new tracks of the week and some awesome guest dj's! Salute! ;)

Refs: - MNM Big Hits - TopRadio Aalter (Finale DJ-Contest) - Pièce Unique - Desperados Supermarket Party - Dancehall Diest - Wikings Antwerp - Hermes Antwerp - Brihos Bruges - Costa Duffla - Locht - ...

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