My interest for music started at the age of 16 on my first visit to the former Castel Club in Kapellen. After a few visits I started my career as light jockey for 4 years in that club. During that time I bought myself my first DJ set with a mixer, 2 separate cd players and 2 Technics turntables to try at home what the DJ next to me every weekend played in that club. This is how I learned to play with music and realised myself I will be a DJ for the rest of my life. My first “residency" was in a small café called 't Kooike where I still play a few evenings a year. This is where the adventure of the Mojito Day also started. During the time, I have played several parties from a small birthday party to my biggest set on Mojito Day in 2014 for over 4000 party people.

Refs: Mojito Day (Kapellen) Central Park (Schoten) Marquee (Essen) De Papegaai (Stabroek) Bar Choc (Nieuwmoer) 't Kooike (Kapellen) Den Hannekesnest (Antwerpen) 't Lof (Brasschaat) Barometer (Antwerpen) Le Sens (Brasschaat) The Mansion (Brasschaat) Heaven (Schilde) Ter Rivierenhof (Deurne)

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