white frog

white frog

Dj White frog was born in '78. He was obsessed by electronic dance music at the age of 12 and started already to collect vinyl records. Music has always been a passion and a prominent part of his life
He liked to play from techno to minimal, from trance to progressive sounds but his heart lies at retro music.
When he was 17, he started to play in small clubs such as “The Mackenzie" in Brugelette (1995 - 1996), resident dj at “The B-night Club" in Oordegem (1998 - 2000), resident at “The Launch" in Affligem (2000), “The Smash" in Zottegem (2000 -2002), "Sotto's" in Zottegem (2001-2002) “Sylvester Odysee" hangaar at Oostende (2003), “The Cube" afterclub in Oostende followed by “The Neverland" afterclub until 2007, "The Kings after Club" in Aalst (2012) and resident dj in “The Longplay" from 2007 until 2013. He also had his first Radio Show at “Radio Christal" 106.5 fm (1996 -1997).

In 2014 and 2015, Dj Whitefrog was a lot involved in promoting his new music in the following Clubs:
"Popcorn Music store" in Roeselare (Thursday Dj's Night!), "Retroland"in Wallonie, "Life Meets Energy" (The Party Concept), "New Club Infinity"in Gent (Klein Turkije 8), "Love vs Life", “Djamnesia" on tour at Club Riva in Destelbergen, “Club Verso" in Ingelmunster, “Boccacio Beach" in Oostende.

At radios: Abitunes Dance Palace Radio Show every Saturday at 22h-00h - Live meets energy on air. Radio show Rpl Lille (mission frequence Club), “Top Radio" Aalter 104.7FM.

He started to produce music with his brother Stefan aka Grymaice in 1997. Their first album " LIVE MEETS ENERGY" was released on their own label DWF Records

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