It's way back 1988 when HMD discovers, straight out of the Bronx, the culture of hip-hop ! He's perplexed in front of one of its disciplines : DJ-ing ... and that's where it all started for him ! From there on he starts to live and breath hip hop and DJ-ing ... And his perseverance paid of, the name DJ HMD was born !

It's only 6 years later that DJ HMD releases his first (of many) Mixtape under the label "Illegal Mixtape", having such an impact on whomever listened to it, HMD became the topic of every conversation and with that came his notoriety in and outside of Belgium.

The rappers from LICKWEED with U-man and Krazzy ask HMD to be their official DJ. They travel througout Belgium for several concerts and festivals (f.e. Dour) as well as France during the football worldcup in 1998. DJ HMD becomes an international fact ...

He starts travelling and plays the decks in the biggest nightclubs in different countries in Europe (France, Italy, Holland, ...). The borders open their gates and HMD travels to Morocco where he'll play at Club 555 & Loft Club, Egypt where he'll mix his best vibes at Paladium and in Thailand (Pataya) at Club Lucifer (Bangkok) at Bed.

Besides mixing all over the world, DJ HMD opens what will become another reference for DJ's : NewTop2000. The only record shop in Belgium specialized in USA import and official supplier of all RnB, rap & Ragge DJ's ... HMD becomes one of the resident DJ's during the Street Soul Scenario concept on Sundays at Carré, one of the most prestigious clubs in Belgium together with DJ Noise P, DJ Kaze, DJ Daddy K & DJ F.R.A.N.K and Sett Club every Last Friday of The Month.

The "Illegal MixTape" crew grows and DJ's such as Daddy K, Maestro, Du-Tam join the crew. We'll find HMD on scene to do warm ups of different international artists such as Jay-Z, Destiny's Child, Usher, Montell Jordan, Ja Rule, Allure, Fat Joe, Sage The Gemini, Magic System, Wati B, Gradure, Yannick Noa, Boussoufa, Soprano, Earth Wind & Fire.... and let's not forget our national artist where he'll mix for Kaye Styles, Tony Stone & Oz, James Deano...

At the decks, DJ HMD will challenge several national and international DJ to move the dancefloors. He'll play with DJ KOOL (USA) ,DJ Bobcat (USA), Dj Whoo Kid (USA), DJ Cash Money (USA), DJ Kaori (BigDawg) (USA), DJ B-Lord (USA), DJ Africa Islam (USA), DJ Dice (Das-Efx) , Fatman Scoop (USA), DJ Camilo (USA), DJ I-Roc (USA), DJ Kut Killer & DJ Abdel (France), Grazhoppa (Belgium), DCS (Hollande), 360 Degree,G-Kut, DJ Joss (Belgium), Uneak, Sake and Cosmic (Belgium), Mig-One (DJ Starflam -Belgium), Daddy K (Belgium) , KMT (USA), Serum (4 My People),Bass Culture and TLP and Doors (Belgium)...

DJ HMD is the King of the Mixtapes & Clubs, and becomes the King of the sound waves ! He has his own show on Radio contact (national radio) every friday, called "100%", a radio show where one artist is the center of his mix ! It was only a small step for the master of Mixtapes, to edit a new Mixtape serie of his radioshow "100%" ! Yes, even today when we think Mixtape, there's only 1 name that pops up : DJ HMD as he gave a new dimension to it !

Next Level is the name of his new challenge, in collaboration with Asian4Real and SG Events ... monthly urban chic party's at Mirano & Sett Club Brussels. Purple People With Elie (RnB Chic & Lam (Asian4Real).

Every Monday Today HMD, marks the totality of his influences out in his mixes, from RnB to Funk, from Rap to Ragga, Dance music, .... a never-ending search of eclecticism to move the dance floors ....

Referenties: Résidents: Cosmo RnB Sunday - Carré (Willebroek) RnB Chic - Sett Club (Brussels) & Premium (Bergen) Forever Young - Bloody Louise (Brussels) Just 4 You - Club Avenue (Brussels) OldSchool Party - Sett Club (Brussels) West BW festival - (Tubeke)

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