It's a long journey until one is considered to be a status symbol. It requires years of hard work, amazing skills, continuous adaptation and most of all, dedication. Daniel Bovie have managed to acquire just that. After being active member in the house scene for more than two decades, he's DJ-set tell a musical journey: years of experience, vision and inspiration regarding house music. Fore him, music is everything counted . Daniel Bovie has worked for various record companies Defected , Strictly Rhythm , A&M , Positiva , Essentials Peppermint Jam , Ministry of Sound . Tracks like 'Stop Playing With My Mind', 'Love Me (ft. Nelson)' and 'Preacher (ft. Haze)' Big Mountain Feat. Sandrine , Way Too Long , Don't Hold Back on prove that Daniel Bovie is a trademark for high quality music. This was also recognized by big international artists like Roger Sanchez, Pete Tong , who include he's tracks in many playlists. Whilst performing he often characterized as energetic, passionate and pure; he easily convince a crowd.He has his skills on a range of popular clubs and festivals . This successful DJ , Producer has proven to the world that he is able to adapt and reinvent themselves, ensuring him a spot in the DJ elite for years to come. His solid productions convince the crowd and the serious commitment to his work have turned him into credible and admired artist of the scene.

Refs: Mysteryland, Tomorrowland, Luxurush, Bloomingdale, La Rocca (Belgium), Escape (Amsterdam) Bizznizz (Montpellier), Heineken Music Hall (Amsterdam) and various Defected Party's worldwide.


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