DJ Digna

DJ Digna

DIGNA started as a 16 year old with dj sets ,small and private parties, but it soon became clear that the passion for music was much larger than just the top 50 music and small parties! She got the chance to play in several bars and requests started to come for celebrations and parties all over Belgium. DIGNA plays at different student parties and they already shared decks with DJ's such as Wout, Laurent Wery, Robert Abigail , dj licious , Prinz,…

The feeling for house music gave her the chance to run in Terazza @ Noxx, Ritz Building (Hasselt), Publik (Antwerp), Hessenhuis (Antwerp), Red & Blue (Antwerp), Phoenix (Ypres), BLGP (Gay pride), 't Speelhof (St Truiden), also @ Rock Park (Herentals), Montreal (Leuven), Musicafe (Leuven), but also by proper mix of commercial music and classics from the 80s / 90s she brings atmosphere inside. As a resident DJ in some dance bars Digna combines a fun atmosphere by music from the year 80/90 mix of modern electro, dance, house and commercial music. Private and corporate parties are filled with fun and danceable contemporary music.

Refs:Resident dj in club 13 te Brugge en t'hessenhuis te Antwerpen en Garbo te Amsterdam, Gast sets te Ritz ( Hasselt ), dj news magazine ,club escape ( Amsterdam ), Musicafe ( Leuven ) , ...

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