Dj Fré

Dj Fré

Dj Fré, also known as Frederik Simoen, has had a love affair with music for as long as he can remember. Starting at the age of 16 with the typical small town birthday parties and local high school get togethers, his interest only grew bigger. While growing up, Fré spent most of his free time behind the turntables and discovered his future layed there; making people move to the sound of his beats. After playing in some of the smaller student bars in Ghent, he jumpstarted his professional DJ career in some well established bars such as A Propo, Point Final, Bugatti's and Coulissen. Major clubs such as Carré Casino and Carré Beach soon followed. Nowadays Fré is resident at some of the most leading clubs in Belgian nightlife such as Diedjies, Sunstudio and Carré. So keep an eye open for DJ Fré, 'cause the best is yet to come!
References : club residenties : Carré, Diedjies, Sunstudio, Place 2 Party Bar residenties : Coulissen, Viking, Klub Luxxx, Afterwork Chrono en Jeudi...

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