Gil Van Malderen, DJ G-IL. 26 years old.

I myself came into contact with the DJ world around 15 years old. My cousin played at family parties, birthdays, ... . We set off with a whole stack of CDs. Until he stopped and I stopped for a while. Afterwards started going with other DJs, and started playing again in my room. Went to some friends parties and everyone said the same thing: 'you have talent.' So I wanted to start, in 2019, with a solo career, but couldn't get many opportunities because of corona. specifically at parties, festivals and clubs. Music that I like to hear and play...House, deep house, commercial, urban, ... .

Refs: Club Carré (girls like DJ's) - Kokorico (girls like DJ's) - Vertigo (Club) - Plein-air (2019-2021) - Tripl (evenlocatie in Merchtem, afterworks) - BunnyParty - Het Eiland (jeugdhuis) - Private Parties - ...

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