DJ Hans

DJ Hans

DJ Hans The perfect DJ for any kind of event, wedding, company or private party, club, show or festival... Let him entertain you! DJ Hans is well known from his 10 years exclusive residency @ Pré Soirée (Café Local Antwerp), "Seven2one" afterworkparties @ Den Eyck (Kasterlee) & Oever Super Single Nights (different locations in the north of Antwerp), where he always proves his ability to create an amazing atmosphere, no matter what the crowd is like! Hans is also your perfect partner when it comes to sound engineering. Don't look any further when you need an educated sound technician for your band, show, festival or event (corporate & private) for both live & studio projects! DJ HANS @ your party or event? Large or small party? Public or private event? With or without our own sound and light equipment? Anything is possible!

Refs: Clubs (past & present): Biazaar (Edegem), Café Local (Antwerp), Volmolen (Lier), Highstreet (Hoogstraten), Dixies (Brasschaat), Red&Blue (Antwerp), Maison Double V (Schilde), Versuz (Hasselt), Le Cirq (Hoogstraten), Modeste (Antwerp) Venues (company & private parties): Carré (Willebroek), Noxx (Antwerp), Stuurboord (Antwerp), Ocean Diva (BE/NL), Lotto Arena (Antwerp), Den Eyck (Kasterlee), Strijboshof (Kalmthout), Ruiterhal (Brasschaat),... References: 10 years exclusive residency & Pré Soirée (Antwerp) Seven2one afterwork, Oever Single Nights, Euphony Events, Ernst&Young, KBC, Euroports, Maersk, Bank van Breda, Andouac, Dinner Events, CEPA, Johnson & Johnson, BoBo, Smart, Luminus, Mobistar, BASF & many more...

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