DJ Luk

DJ Luk

At the beginning of my DJ career I played a lot at student parties and I also had a DJ-group, touring in my local neighbourhood week after week (DJ's On Tour). A few years later I started playing at company parties (Cafe Local). Then I had my first residency at Maison Double V (Schilde) and more guest sets in clubs all over the country (Existenz, Dixies, Highstreet, ... ). In 2004 I became one of the residents at one of Belgium's most famous clubs, Versuz. I played there for more than 4 years, and most of the time 3 to 6 evenings per week. After that I was a resident at Fortuin (Hoogstraten) and The Missing Link (Malle). At the moment I focus on parties, festivals, company parties and private parties while also doing guest sets at different clubs (Dixies, Le Sens, ... ). After having been the resident DJ at the ski trips from ID&T (Tomorrowland owner), I had the chance to host the Winterclubbing stage at Tomorrowland. Last year was the fifth year in a row, that I had the chance to invite colleague DJ's over for an amazing experience.

Refs: Tomorrowland Versuz Beachweekend (Loenhout) Dixies Highstreet Le Sens Maison Double V Existenz Cafe Local DJ's On Tour Cocktail TD (Antwerp) ....

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