Eno Tribbiani

Eno Tribbiani

Starting in '97 at our local pub I felt for the first time the rush of playing disks, moving people with music and most of all: Creating an atmosphere of pure entertainment. After this mind blowing experience I was more then ever hungry for new challenges: Bigger crowds, more volume and stronger sensations.

ex-Resident: Carré (Willebroek), Club Escape (Niel), Nanno Sur l'O (Antwerp), Pure (Antwerp), Rio (St-Katelijne-Waver), Club Royal (St-Niklaas), Alma (Antwerp), Castel (Putte-Kapellen),... Resident: Club Volmolen (Lier), Het Fabriek (Baasrode), Club Escape (Niel), Bar-Lo (Lochristi), Groot Genoegen (Dilbeek) Guestsets: Noxx (Antwerp), Lindberghclub (Couvin), Carré (Willebroek), Red&Blue TGIT (Antwerp),...

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