Jan V.

Jan V.

At the age of 5, he regularly went to the theater on Wednesday afternoon. The content of the play was less important to him, but he was even more fascinated by the sound and light effects. The older he got, the more technical aspects approached him and after some time he also spent more time behind the scenes, than in the hall. On his 14th he got the chance to discover all these technical aspects, but this time outside the theater.. First he helped in the preparation and dismantling of the light and sound installations of the Radio Contact Drive-in Shows. After a while, he was responsible for the operation of this light shows, so he became Lj (Lightjockey). But that was not all, from time to time he took place behind the decks and so he became a Dj. Music became his new passion. He asked for his birthday a turntable and a mixer, and from the moment it was not longer quiet and peaceful at home! After delivering a demo to the manager of the ice rink Ruggeveld in Antwerp, he got the chance to play some nice music during the disco evenings. So he became for the first time resident dj at the age of 15. During his studies in Antwerp he was regularly asked to play at big students parties, so his name was more recognized now. So from that moment on he was more and more asked to play at different clubs and bars. Through all these years of experience, he played a perfect mix of Dance, R&B and Party music... He plays with the audience like no other. Even after 20 years he found every evening and audience still a challenge. In 2010 he started together with a friend, a project with the name 'Nite Groovers'. Their first single 'Piano Track' came out in the same year and was a hit in the clubs! But that's not all, on his Soundcloud page you can find some Remixes, Mash-ups and Bootlegs from him. Regularly he dares himself to give his own summer sound to new or older dance hits.

: Club Le CirQ (Hoogstraten) Absinthbar (Antwerp) 't Tooghuis (Hoogstraten) Bocadero (Antwerp) Mille (Mechelen) La Suite (Antwerp) Volmolen (Lier) Missing Link (Westmalle) TMF Party's Topradio Drive-in-shows Bar-Clés (Emblem) Central Park (Schoten) De Kaai (Antwerp) 't Lof (Brasschaat) Muziekcafé (Leuven) Tops (Antwerp) Stuurboord (Antwerp) Brabanthal (Leuven) Tour & Taxis (Brussels) De Prof (Antwerp) ...


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