Laurent Wery

Laurent Wery

Laurent Wery is one of the best-known DJs in Belgium. His passion for music and his talent for getting crowds to dance means he is very much in demand as a DJ. With residencies in almost every major club in Belgium. Laurent has an amazing knack for combining emotion and power in a DJ set. Besides his weekly residencies he is also a successful producer. Laurent Wery regularly scores hits in Belgium and in other countries, and is also frequently booked by clubs abroad. His years of experience and music knowledge are all the ingredients you need for an unpretentious evening.
References : Carré, Versuz, Café Local, Hightstreet, Reflex, Zenith, Biazaar, Summerfestival, Tomorrowland, Sunrise Festival, Beachland, Ostend Beach etc.. Hits: Hey Hey Hey (pop another bottle), My Sound, To Brazil, Salva Mea etc....

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