It’s that deafening beat, the bass pounding through the chest and the heart answering to melody, that draws Belgian producer and DJ Maikel Iliaens to the enrapturing night lights. With each DJ performance, he gets closer to answering that call – and dedicate his life to music. Under his Rumsky moniker, he’s aiming for a nightlife destination that’s all about the journey. Having left behind the rookie status and committed to let success be his noise - the only way for Rumsky is up. You’re mor e than welcome to join this talent, as he storms the electronic dance scene. Rumsky’s story of sound began at the age of 12, when he started exploring the DJ trade and picked up DJ decks of his own. Practicing whenever he could, it were the house parties at friends and family that taught him the real practice – and slowly but steady lifted his status from bedroom DJ to club sensation. Fast forward to 2020, and we find his skills have been perfected. Looking back on gigs at some of Belgium’s most renowned clubs, including Carré, Versuz and IKON, as well as rocking the Dance-D-Vision festival, Rumsky is a now name in demand.

Refs: Dance-D-Vision (2x), Sunrise Festival, Carré, Versuz, IKON, Club Royal Afterwork, Sfeerpop (NL), B eachvolley Deluxe, ...

Releases: I'll Be There (2019), Baby (You're So Cool)(2019), All The Pieces (2019), When the Sun Goes Down (2015) --- over 300.000 Spotify streams in total

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