Sample (Sam Pets) is an Antwerp based DJ/Producer. He became very passionated with all aspects of music since he was very young. His career definitely took a boost in 2014 when he won the biggest and most important dj-contest Belgium has to offer, MNM Start To Dj! On his list are some of the leading Belgian clubs (Noxx Antwerp, IKON Antwerp, Versuz, Carré, La Rocca, ...) & festivals (Summerfestival Mainstage, Sunrise Festival, Couleur Café, ...). Sample's absolute strength is his diversity of music genres he plays when preforming. He can play a wide variety of styles, depending on the audience, to keep his set "alive & kicking". One thing is certain: you haven't heard the last about this young talent!


Winner "MNM Start To DJ" contest 2014, leading Belgian national radio station.

Festivals: Summerfestival Mainstage 2015, Sunrise Festival, Couleur Café, Rock Zottegem, ...

Clubs & Venues: Versuz, Carré, IKON, Noxx, La Rocca, Roxy Antwerp, The Villa Antwerp, ...

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