sonic solutions

sonic solutions

In the years 2000-2010 Sonic Solutions scored many top 50 hits. “The Logical Song" was number 1 in many countries but also hits like “Don't Speak", “Heaven is a place on earth" and “Nasty Creep" were tracks that will be remembered. If you combine their own hits with all the dance hits from 2000-2010 than you have an amazing dj set with super MC. The nineties and nillies hype ain't over yet and these guys will show you why. Recently they scored again a hit together with Dj F.R.A.N.K with a remake of the all time classic: “All by myself", played all over summerparties and festivals. Next release out soon with “Da Rick".

Refs: logical song 2001 , What a feeling 2002, Don't speak 2003, Heaven is a place, China in your hand 2004, Nasty creep, The sequel ...

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